Dr. T’s New Health Book Helps You Drop The Fat and Keep It Off!

There are a lot of diets going around these days and while some work for a while, if at all, many times the plans aren’t being laid out by someone who has been overweight themselves and had to learn the hard way.

Dr. T got fed up with looking and feeling terrible so after trying several diets, unsuccessfully, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Following much medical research and using common sense, Dr. T dropped several pounds of fat and became lean as a result of good, solid eating habits and a regular exercise plan.

Dr. T has discovered ways of jump starting the human metabolism that others haven’t thought of in the past. He lays out meal plans and how you can start to lose weight in a quick, but healthy fashion, therefore feeling younger and more energetic in a relatively short period of time. This unique weight loss diet, considers all aspects of healthy weight loss, from metabolism to sensible meal planning.

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Drop The Fat and Keep It Off With Dr. T

In case you may have been wondering, Dr. T is in fact a certified doctor. During his battle with weight loss he has developed an unrivaled passion for fitness and health. For those who find themselves in a similar situation he was once in, he wishes to pass on his experience and knowledge to you.

Being the founder of ForeverYoung.md and a personally experienced fat loss expert, Dr. T aims to put those in shape who want to be there. His highly knowledgeable book ‘Dr. T’s Drop the Fat Diet: 12 Steps to a Leaner You Forever’ has become very popular among those who are serious about losing weight and being fit.

Dr. T’s plan is simple. Between his down-to-earth personality and motivation to help others succeed with weight loss he is a truly inspiring figure when it comes to inciting others to get up and get healthy! Check out this recent testimonial from a weight loss client.

For more information, check out the book’s website: http://dropthefat.diet

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